“Rinat Shakirov – the friend and the colleague of all composer commonwealth of Russia. I appreciate him for our general love for music, the devotion of the chosen way.”
Vladislav KAZENIN
Chairman of the Union of Composers of Russia, people artist of Russia

Live concerts

 Rinat SHAKIROV plays C.Debussy prelude “La Fille aux cheveux de lin”  Rinat SHAKIROV plays O.MESSIAEN “Regard de la Croix”. 13. 01. 2017  Rinat SHAKIROV plays Slonimsky’s “Jewish Rhapsody”, part 3
Rinat SHAKIROV plays Bach Gavotte Rinat SHAKIROV plays CHOPIN’s Mazurka a-moll – bis in BZF Rinat SHAKIROV & Edem UMEROV plays Shuman
Rinat SHAKIROV plays O. MESSIAEN “Premiere communion de la Vierge” 13.01.2017 Edem UMEROV & Rinat SHAKIROV plays SCHUBERT.20. Des Baches Wiegenlied.
Rinat SHAKIROV plays M.Glinka
Rinat SHAKIROV plays Jiganov’s Suite. 4.Valse Rinat SHAKIROV plays C.Debussy prelude “La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune” Rinat SHAKIROV plays Schumann “Arabeske” C Dur op.18.
 Rinat SHAKIROV plays R.Yakhin’s Rhapsody. Part 2&3.  Rinat SHAKIROV plays George Gershwin “Rhapsody in blue”; Episode with Coda  Rinat SHAKIROV plays C.Debussy “Clair de Lune”
 Rinat SHAKIROV & Natalya EVSTAFIEVA plays Rakhmaninov.  Rinat SHAKIROV plays Schumann “Kreisleriana” op.16 (№1, №2, №3, №4.)  Rinat SHAKIROV plays Schumann “Kreisleriana” op.16 (№5, №6, №7, №8.)
Rinat SHAKIROV plays Leonid Rezetdinov Nocturne №2 Rinat SHAKIROV plays LIADOV “A musical snuff-box”

“I know Rinat Shakirov as the bright and skilled actively giving concerts pianist. His execution always causes a ready emotional response in listeners, whether he executes the glorified classical works or works of composers of the present. His interpretations are stylistically verified, the pianistic equipment is perfected, possession of a sound perfectly.”
the conductor of the Bolshoi theater of Russia,  the people artist of Russia


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