It isn’t necessary to speak about Rinat Shakirov much, his execution of music of Bach, Mozart, Chopin… it is necessary to listen much. And then the round dance of guardian angels of the pianist becomes visible and clear.
professor, honored worker of arts of Russia and Ukraine


MOZART Concerto №27 B-dur for piano and orchestra
LISZT Concerto №2 A-dur for piano and orchestra
BRAHMS Concerto №2 B-dur for piano and orchestra op.83
CHOPIN Concerto №2 f-moll for piano and orchestra
GRIEG Concerto a-moll for piano and orchestra
RACHMANINOFF Concerto №3 d-moll for piano and orchestra
RACHMANINOFF Rhapsody on Theme by Paganini for piano and orchestra op.43
TCHAIKOVSKY Concerto №1 b-moll for piano and orchestra
TCHAIKOVSKY Concerto №2 g-moll for piano and orchestra
ARENSKY Fantasy on Theme by Ryabinin for piano and orchestra
GERSHWIN “Rhapsody in blue” for piano and orchestra
GERSHWIN “I got the rhythm” for piano and orchestra
R. KALIMULLIN Concerto for piano and orchestra (first performance)
Concerto for piano and orchestra
S. SLONIMSKY “Jewish Rhapsody”. Concerto for piano and orchestra
I. SHWARTZ Concertino for piano and orchestra
Suite for piano and orchestra
“SAINT-PETERSBURG NOCTURNES” Lyrical suite for piano, strings, and percussion (to R.Shakirov, first performance)
BACH Partita №6 e-moll

Aria variata alla maniera italiana
Concherto nach italienischem qusto
SCARLATTI Ten sonatas: C-dur L S 2; F-moll L 27; H-moll L 150; C-dur L 206; A-dur L 368; D-dur L 369; c-moll L 352; D-dur L 465; A-dur L 483; B-dur L 497
MOZART Sonats B-dur Kh №570; D-dur Kh №576; A-dur Kh №331; C-dur Kh №330
Rondo D-dur
BEETHOVEN Sonata №8 c-moll op.13 (“Pathetique”)
Sonata №14 cis-moll op.27 №2 (“Mondschein”)
Sonata №31 As-dur op.110
Sonata №32 c-moll op.111
Six Variations F-dur op.34
Andante F-dur


Sonata D-dur op.53
Sonata-Fantasy G-dur op.78
Impromptu B-dur op.142
Four Impromptus op.90
«Die schone Mullerin» Ein Ziklus von Liedern von W.Muller
“Die schone Mullerin”
Lieder “Der Mueller und der Bach”, “Der Doppelgaenger”
LISZT Sonata h- moll,
BRAHMS Four Ballads op.10
SCHUMANN “Arabeske” C-dur op.18
“Kreisleriana” op.16
“Etudes Simphoniques” op.13
“Kinderszenen” op.15
“Fantasie” op.17
“Dichterliebe” Liederzyklus von H. Heine
CHOPIN 13 Waltzes: op.18, op.34 №1, 2,3; op.42, op.64 №1, op.64 №2, 3; op.69 №1, 2; op.70 №1, 2, 3.
7 Mazurkas: op.6 №4, op.7 №3; op.17 №4; op.24 №4; op.24 №2; op.30 №4; op.63 №3; op.67 №4
Impromptu op.29
Polonaise As-dur op.53
DEBUSSY “La Fille aux cheveux de lin”
“La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune”
“Ce qu’a vu le vent d’Ouest”
“Suite Bergamasque”
Deux Arabesques
Suite “For Piano”
MESSIAEN 12 pieces from cycle “Vingt Regards sur l’enfant JESUS”(1944).
PROKOFIEV Sonata №8 op.84
“ROMEO AND JULIA” suite from ballet op.75
CHOSTAKOVITCH “Twenty four Preludes for piano”
Eight Preludes and Fugues op.87
SCRIABINE Eighteen Poems for piano: op.32 №1,2;op.34; op.41; op.45 №2; op.44 №1; op.51 №3; op.52 №1; op.52 №3; op.59 №1; op.61 №1,2; op.71 №1,2; op.61; op.63 №1; op.63 №2; op.72
“Twenty four Preludes for piano” op.11
RACHMANINOV Variations on Theme by Corelli op.42
Nine Etudes-tableaux: op.33 №№2, 3, 6; op.39 №№ 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9
Five Preludes: op.3 №2; op.23 №2, 4, 5; op.32 №12
GLINKA Nocturne “Parting”
TCHAIKOVSKY “Les Saisons” 12 pieces for piano
“Dumka” op.59
G. USTVOLSKAYA Sonata №1 for piano
B. TISHENKO “EVRIKA!” Sonata №10 for piano(first performance)
V. KASENIN Sonata №2 for piano. Preludes
S. SLONIMSKY 3 pieces for piano (first performance)
L. RESETDINOV “SAINT-PETERSBURG NOCTURNES” Lyrical suite for piano (to R.Shakirov, first performance)
2 pieces for piano (first performance)
STRAVINSKI “SERENADA in A” (1925): 1. Hymn. 2. Romance. 3.Rondoletta
“Five fngers” (1921) 8 melodies on 5 notes
“Tango” (1940)
“Petrushka” (1921)
VILLA-LOBOS “Brazilian Bachiana №4”
WEBERN Variations op.27 (1936)
LIGETI Etude №2 “CORDES VIDES” (1985)
MORIS OHANA 4 Preludes from “24 Preludes” (1973)
“Shurale” suite for piano in seven parts from ballet
R. KALIMULLIN “Morning in Istanbul” fantasy
R. YAKHIN “Waltz-fantasy”
25 romances for soprano and piano
R. ENIKEEV Sonata №2 h-moll
A. MONASUPOV 3 pieces for piano: 1. “Rain” 2. “Magic wood” 3. “Marsh”.
A. RADVILOVICH “Brave new world” (1997 (BY ALDOUS HUXLEY))
M. ZHURAVLEV “Grand concert waltz” оp.62 (to R. Shakirov, first performance)
Sonata No. 4, finale (first performance)
V. DESHEVOV RAILS оp.16 (1926)
Yuri TYULIN “DE PROFUNDIS” оp.13 (1924)
I. SCHILLINGER “EXCENTRICA” in three parts, оp.14 (1924)
A. LURIE “UPMANN”- the Smoking joke. (1917)